#4: Fox News COLLAPSE Alert

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  1. Murdoch let his leftest kids take over and Paul Ryan was a looser when he was in gov.What do you expect.Fair and balanced is a lost theam

  2. FOX News is another leftist media dinosaur who people are not interested is wasting their time watching it because there are other equally despicable alternatives if you want to partake in false polluted crap. We left FOX election night and have not turned the channel on since. Newsmax is a great source to get REAL news not democrat communist propaganda.

  3. Fox was our news until election night. Too bad! That’s what happens when you betray 75 Million Trump voters! Haven’t since and never will again.

  4. Fox news used to be my favorite station for news… During and after this election it became a clone of Trump! They repeated most everything he said with praise! Fox news became “Trump News” repeating all of his lies over and over again! Fox News has become tarnished by it’s fake news, period!!! While so many people are dying from the Coronavirus, is being reported on all other news stations, Fox is making fun of it and telling people it is fake news!!! The only “Fake” news is and was Donald Trump, the biggest liar known to mankind. IF HIS MOUTH IS OPEN, HE IS LYING!!! Intelligent people know this but somehow this has been dismissed by all of you… Never again will I turn to your ” Trump fake news station.”

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