#4: Democrats Allege Voter Fraud – So It’s OK When They Do It?

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  1. let them have their recount by hand, as long as they do the same for the contested states in the presidential election too.

  2. Please have them check the effect the voting machines had on the presidential vote to! If the local was messed up the national probably was to.

  3. Funny how now it becomes a problem, one of theirs lost. But when it was the other party there was no fraud! What hypocrisy but wouldn’t expect anything different out their lying, cheating, whining DEMOCRATS……………….Bet we finally get that audit the Republicans wanted all along, but only if the Democrats select who does the audit, just to make sure they can swing the votes back to their party! What a mess, I can only pray GOD intervenes in all this!

  4. What absolute hypocrites, really I think of all the lies, hate, names they call Trump supporters, false accusations about Trump & Cruz etc. plus impeachments that were never true just more lies & they want unity when they are out to destroy the USA, I THINK NOT!!!!

  5. Every living, breathing conservative in this great nation must get up and take action to end this charade. Don’t you understand what will happen if they are not stopped. Think of the children, the grandchildren! They waste 1trillion $$$$$ to bail out the very cities that the democraps allowed antifa and blm to destroy . They even bailed them out of jail so they could it again! Such hypocrisy !!!!!!Now the blowfish in the WH is telling all who attend…..drum roll…..don’t cheer, don’t jump up & down….. this my friends is communism! We need to stop doing whatever they say. Use our own common sense and support each other. Get rid of the rhinos & any one who is against Pres. Trump, unless they can be polite, stop the “It is good for me, Not for THEE”

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