#4: Death Notice Issued – Media Won’t Like This

Florida is beating the pandemic with no mask mandate and no lockdowns.

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4 Responses

  1. YES the media is been backed by the lefties, who wants to keep putting fear into the people, to try to brainwash THEM into zombies like them (THE Biden administration )(brainless )NO common sense, GO FLORIDA we know the Democraps and what they are UP too.

    1. Bad news for the blue states, demonrats and satan… amen lololol, the fires of hell await them and we will cheer! GO LOSERS, sew that sterile seed and reap those benefits… HURRY! The Demonrats offer us nothin but death, I say ‘TURNABOUT’ is fair play ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ‘OTHERSIDE’ is tryin to kill us off by any desparate means…

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