#4: DA Drops The Hammer – Biden Is Terrified

Don’t let liberals tell you voter fraud is a myth.

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  1. Censorship central on this page. Tried to post several times. Apparently they don’t like quotes from [email protected] [email protected]

    We lost a generation, which could lose us our representative republic. It’s those that play in the shadows who are the culprits.

    Go to convention of states to see how to help.

  2. The Democratic Party Stole the 2020 Election. With Money you can Achieve anything and that’s what the Democratic Party with the help of other Countries, The Dominion Machines were hacked and the People at the Poling Facilities were Involved in the Cheating Process. I thought this could not Happen in America, but it did. I thought we were a Free Country and that our Election Process was Safe. America in my eyes is no Different than a 3rd World Country to me. So now do we need the US Military to come in and watch over our Elections, That is how I feel about the USA. I never thought Cheating would ever happen in America, I am 61 years old and our Voting System has let me down as an American ! Thank You.

  3. Good lets now take this to the supreme court for a decision on who looses their sorry jobs and goes to prison for treason.

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