#4: Bill Gates Makes HUGE Vaccine Announcement – I Can’t Believe This

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  1. Bill Gates, is in cahoots with Fauci !!! They had a vaccine 1/7/2020 that just needed to go through clinical trials !! And Walaa, it’s the 2nd one approved !!! Just like, Fauci is the one that sent the virus to Wuhan, when Obumer stopped letting him do his experiments here in the US !!!! It’s all been brought to light, if you don’t live in the DEMONRATS bubble !!!!!!

  2. Bill Gates should just go away and stop telling us what to do he is not a very honorable man leave us alone.

  3. Mt. Gates you are not God do please understand you are not in charge…you will end where you do not want to go for eternity

  4. Fauci and Fates have destroyed Doctors who are talking about MRNA. These vaccines are deadly folks. Wake up!!! Refuse to take them they change your DNA AND WIPE OUT YOUR IMUNE SYSTEM. Do your homework

  5. Where does Gates get off saying not to share the vaccine with India, is he a member of the Biden administration he is wrong and should keep his mouth shut

  6. He has so much money that it’s screwed up his brain ,he will never live long enough to spend
    It all so he sits around thinking of ways to mess people up,he doesn’t realize that what he says doesn’t matter so he just gets more&more frustrated.
    I think he just needs to get rid of most of his money in whatever way that will help the world
    Then keep just enough money to last him until he craps out then perhaps he will be able to live
    with peace of mind.

  7. There’s a place in hell for Gates waiting right now.
    If anybody thinks Gates is for humanity, think again, it’s all for the mighty money he is all about.

  8. I don’t understand why not? Where will we turn for all our Microsoft Help Desk people if India is hit hard by COVID-19?

  9. Gates is wrong about not sharing the vaccine with India, I thought that this type of help is what America was all about

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