#4: Biden News Shocks America – What Is Going On?

It’s shocking that he literally has been hidden for almost two months!

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8 Responses

  1. Tucker has improved as Fox was not being watched at all. They went down for awhile. I have not watched for awhile, I stick with OAN and Epoch Times. So whatever I hear on FOX is second hand.

  2. Impeach President Biden and Harris at the same time, throw in Pelosi at the same time, I have a list. A long list.


  4. What else can america expect of joe biden and the demoncrats. They kept him hidden in his basement for a year(almost) and now they are keeping him hidden in the white house. Doesn’t take a lot of smarts to figure out why.!! His dementia is so bad they do not want americans to know, plus they haven’t completed their destruction of america yet. Biden or harris, results will be the same. China has control of america, just a while longer and they will be here physically to rule. WE CAN THANK PELOSI AND SCHUMER.

  5. I don’t like Blden at all.but would Harris be any better. We are in a terrible place with those two choices

    1. Do your research. The military is in charge of our country, not Biden. Watch Street fighter and Mel K. President Trump has been working with the military since he went into office in 2016 to.bring down the World Wide Cabal and Satanism. The evil that has been happening under our capital since George Bush, Sr. Was president will make one sick physically and emotionally. Child sacrifice and cannibalism under our capital building by our representatives and Hollywood actors. Wake up America. Our country is going back to a Republic as soon as most Americans are awake to what is going on. Praise God.

  6. Seem to me their all puppets to the system. Hmmm who’s the puppeteer? Especially if you stand for truth and what’s right. Are we not to question the establishment? What are they afraid of? In Bible days they’d be known as Pharasies Don’t do as I do just do as I say…Seems their like their father the evil one who came to steal, kill and destroy. Sorry in the end you loose..

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