#4: Biden Fans Are Absolutely STUNNED

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Sandy (@guest_390989)
27 days ago

Seem there are no one in Democratic Party you can trust or believe in anymore. They had a chance and instead put barricades around the White House and then told voters how they were going to change us. Sure went over badly and they will not recover even trying to steal the next election.

alicia cervera (@guest_390929)
27 days ago

So, when are we going to get our REAL ad LAWFUL PRESIDENT in the WH? and REMOVe this sorry inept and idiotic debrained cheater out?

cozycalico (@guest_390936)
Reply to  alicia cervera
27 days ago

My question exactly! Why are they dragging their feet? Biden/Harris need to be gone as of January 2nd.

Ann (@guest_390998)
Reply to  cozycalico
27 days ago

No they need to be gone immediately, not January 2nd. Tomorrow for me is not fast enough.

Karen (@guest_391118)
Reply to  Ann
27 days ago

It should have been last week……..he has committed SO many treasonous acts and NO ONE is doing tiddly squat !!!

Mish (@guest_391354)
Reply to  Karen
26 days ago

I totally agree w/ both of you! I don’t get how so many people still think that Donald Trump was worse???????? Well I guess sheep do think, say, and feel what they’re told!! It really is the blind leading the blind for sure!
Hey, just remember DON’T DRINK THE KOOLADE!!

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