#4: AOC LOSES It – She’s Unhinged

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  1. Must be talking about Alexandra Cortez you Democrats know them antifa black lives matter that stormed the capital we’re not out to kill you they were just out to make the Patriots look bad I know you Democrats won’t admit that you orchestrated this just like you won’t admit you stole the election

  2. AOC hates this country, so why doesn’t she just move somewhere else or she needs to be locked away in a padded room

  3. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex “lost it,” if she ever had it, a long time ago. This parody of a legislator combines ignorance and vehemence with lack of both knowledge and self-awareness previously unimagined.

  4. AOC many others want to see you gone, But Ted Cruz would never attempt to have anybody murdered so stop the LYING and STFU

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