#4: Antifa Bombshell – It WASN’T Right Wingers

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  1. DEMS they so much and they Believe in themselves. The FBI and capital police and the one an only Nancy pelosi new before 1/5/2021. that why they for Witnesses at the impeachment pelosi she would have first up. Just maybe trump is not lie anything at all. Look the first lawyer the DEMS had talk at the of it all. The last day the impeachment he got up said could remember anything K HARRIS said on the TV. Select appealing hearing or selected by sight, most people call it Lies. How time did dems put there FOOT in there mouth an got Court. How money did that cost, the only that did people were watching Biden an Harris or than TV putting foot in there mouth all the time. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  2. Where there is trouble you can be certain that the vast majority of the time the Democrats and Leftist have a hand in it. Senate Dems didn’t want Pelosi to testify because they know she was responsible for House Security and allowed the so called insurrection to happen as well as other accomplices in the Capitol event. The longer this issue goes on the more you will find out that Democrats had a hand in it and allowed it to happen in conjunction with their Antifa and BLM brown shirts. They came to our town in Berthoud Colorado twice and no problems because police and more importantly community who outnumbered them did not allow them into downtown area and in the first case police escorted them to their cars. What the left doesn’t realize yet is that they get away with their nonsense in blue cities but when they come out to the red communities they need to watch their butts. They went to Fort Collins and the people their beat the day lights out of them for attacking a veteran in a wheelchair which is about as brave as these cowards get. Several were arrested and the rest took off like scared rabits.

  3. Pelosi set the whole Capitol riot up. Why do you think she ended the impeachment W/O
    Witnesses? She would be the first to be called & she would be under oath & under penalty. Then she staged a hissy fit for everyone’s benefit to show how disappointed she was. She was scared sh*tless to testify.

    1. No, no, they knew what was going on from the very beginning… after all the whole thing was a set up done by Pelosi and Co … they knew it was one of those thugs but having the media on their
      side they put the blame on Trump’s supporters
      This is how the “ marxist “ operate
      Lying, cheating, stealing is part of their DNA, we should know by now !!!!

      1. You need to troll on the communist/antifa website. DO NOT EVER CAST ASPERSIONS at US military veterans. Too many of them gave their lives to “give you the right” to do it, or to be a perverted liberal, or whatever your “claim to shame” might be; you would be well advised NOT to abuse it!

    1. roberts are you say you are ashamed of Trump??
      He has been proven beyoud a shadow of doubt
      that Trump had nothing to do with what happen
      on January 6th. It was extremist on the left. Antifa
      blm. They had planned this and the Mayor of
      dc knew this. That why she did very little to
      secure the capitol with lot of policeman and
      national gards men. Trump has did a lot
      for the veterans. I am surprised by your
      statement. Don’t watch the major news
      They are not telling the truth about a lot of
      things. I am sorry you do not believe the
      facts and the truth. If I am misunderstood your
      answer then I am sorry.

      1. Janette-I do believe Mr. Bates was saying he was ashamed of the Baker character – -former military guy who became one of the antifa terrorists. At least that’s the way I read his comment. I do not believe he was referring to President Trump, tho’ I could be wrong; it wouldn’t be the first time I was and probably not the last.

        1. PS-Janette-the mayor of DC probably knew about the planned attack, that was “why” she requested National Guard for security. Fancy nancy is THE ONE who planned this (with, or without help) and advised Bowser NOT to call for the NG. Fancy Nancy had this ALL planned and knew, if it succeeded, she could use it to her own advantage; she DID know in advance and planned accordingly. You must have noticed she and her communist comrades were “all ready” with impeachment plans WITHIN 24 hours of this “staged riot” and they pushed it through the House is LESS THAN A WEEK!! That does NOT “just happen”.

          1. Madmemere. The mayor of DC rejected president Trumps request for National guardsmen 6 days ahead of Jan 6th. To add further Speaker of the house Nancy Pigalosies. Was an is responsible for the capital security. Take note as to how few personal were on hand. Skeleton crew. Is a proper term for the lack there of.

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