#4: A Young Rising Star Embarrasses The RINOS

Remember the name Lauren Boebert. She’s doing great things already and she’s only been in Congress for a couple of weeks.

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    1. Thank you and keep up the fight. Our country is absolutely on the wrong path. Illegals and criminals are more important than American citizens. The politician’s who say the know what is best need to be stopped by people with common sense.

  1. Good! About time we get some backbone on our side! We have let these fools run our lives way too long!! Give them an inch and they will take a mile. If we haven’t learned this in
    the past 4 years, we are in deep @#$%! Wake up America and fight for “We the People”! That is why you were put there in the first place!!!!

    1. Too Little, Too Late
      Her bills are nothing more than window dressing. Oh! look what I’m doing for the people, these will never see the light of day.
      Bills are now controlled in both Houses by the same morons.
      The Rino’s and Media (social and “main Stream” ) Threw America under the bus.

  2. God bless you. You are doing all the right things. Keep on pushing. I hope the inactive-minded and lazy Republicans who have been there before you will come to their senses and show their full support behind your bills.

  3. Thankfully someone with good backbone. Do we ever need more like you in DC.
    This nonsense about pres Trump being guilty of the riots on Jan 6. No way. We each make choices to do or not do. It was not in his speech before this happened. It has been 4 plus years of dems, fraud voting, people not being brought to justice, etc. We are all furious with what has gone on in washington. Not an excuse for one to do what happened on hand 6th. Go back and look at the binder if Maxine waters and her wanting riots. Or chuck Schumer and his nonsense. All of Nancy’s vicious behavior towards Trump for 4 years.
    Pres Trump us not guilty of causing any of this problem. Please talk to some of the senators to make sure they stop and think before they vote. And I will be one looking for a list of those who vote his causing this. And hope they get voted out next election.

  4. God bless this young lady. Finally, young blood hitting the ground fighting instead of business as usual for the gop. We have watched spineless gop members far too long and it needs to stop. We have approx 10 senators and congressmen who have staunchly supported President Trump and his agenda and they can certainly use the help of these new people coming to Washington. God bless them and I wish them a successful career fighting for us, the American patriots.

    1. Is she a Muslim? I thought there was something Thomas Jefferson put in way back that forbid a Muslim from ever having a role in our government. Guess that’s long gone, huh? Stay well!

  5. Lauren Boebert,

    You have made and are continuing to make important decisions for The United States of America. Continue making Strong decisions and furthering your successful accomplishments for The United States of America.

  6. Thank You Gorka! Boebert rocks! We need to support them as well as Hawley, Cruz, Paul and a handful of others!

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