#3: He Just ENDED It – Impeachment Trial OVER

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  1. I wonder what the DEMORATS have planned now, keeping the National Guard there? We need to stand together and get rid of them. Oama wants Cruz and Hawley out of Congress, she should be the one out of Congress and out of the country! She has no right being in our congress when she came here as a fraud, only people born here should be allowed in our government! We need to get rid of the squad too! If the DemoRATS have their way will be nothing, but a 3rds world country with a dictator. If Nancy Pelosi has her way we will be injected with a mirco chip to track us and take our money. She and Bill Gates came up with this digital money! Get rid of them, both! They want us to be controlled by the UN, with 1 world bank! How much Americans are they?
    The fighting in the streets and burning business, houses, etc will keep going on for years. That is what the DEMORATS want, the fall of America! The FEDS are going to keep prices rising so nobody can afford anything, execpt the elite rich!

    1. Carol, you are right on!!! We need to continually call, write every Republican and tell them to get a spine and do their job. One is to clean up the Republicans of traitors, backstabbers, liars, those that sold themselves for money over loyalty. Who paid them to sell out? Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell need to go first. One question is, Are they afraid they will end up on Clinton’s Deadpool list? Is that why they are so pathetic and have no moral standard of decency?!!!! Then get out and let those that will stand for the American people in. You have to clean out the scum first and go from there. Pelosi is drunk on money and the thirst for power. And so is every Democrat. Why do none of the Republicans go after the “squad”? Those women are demon possessed and so is Natzi Pelosi.

  2. Why cant they do there job that tax payer pay for.the dumacrats.nancy is just a washed up has been. We need to stand up and to all of them
    We can take them out of the house they are not doing there job.!!! Its time to stand up.!!!

    1. Agee
      it is time the country gets back to business first being Impeach President Pelosi
      He is stupid and making this country look stupid. Get all the National Guard GONE

    2. Tell us how exactly do we do that. Many of us would like to see Joe Biden as far from the white how as possible. Tell me how do we rid ourselves of these illegal occupants of the peoples house?

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