33 pro-abortion protesters arrested at the Supreme Court on Wednesday

Dozens of pro-abortion protesters were arrested on Wednesday outside the Supreme Court as the clash between pro-abortion and pro-life ideology is brought before the highest court in the land. 

According to The Washington Examiner, 33 protesters were kept in a makeshift holding pin by Capitol Police after they blocked street access with their demonstration. 

The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is thought to be one of the biggest threats to Roe v. Wade since the landmark case became the law of the land in the 1970s. 

Oral arguments in the Dobbs case began earlier this week and while the outcome is still strikingly uncertain, the case is being called “the most significant hurdle to abortion access in years and seeks to examine the contemporary standard by which states revise their abortion restrictions.”

The protesters largely refused to respond to questions and carried signs and wore T-shirts that sported pro-abortion rights messages. One such protester told the Examiner that there were representatives from the Abortion Access Front in the crowd

Additionally, members of the group Center for Popular Democracy Action, who chanted “One out of four! One out of four!” according to video footage, where they attempted to imprint the frequency of abortion in America. 

The Examiner previously reported that one group of protesters changed “abortion pills forever” while smiling and holding a large black sign which read, “We Are Taking Abortion Pills Forever.”

Videos showed another angle of the protesters changing, “Abortion pills are in our hands, and we won’t stop,” and some of the women took pills they said were abortion pills. 

According to Journalist Drew Hernandez the protesters were somewhat like a “death cult” in how they came across viewers. 

“DEATH CULT: Ecstatic pro-baby murder activists take abortion pills in jubilation outside SCOTUS in DC in front of a banner that says ‘we are taking abortion pills FOREVER.’ This is what a death cult looks like,” Hernandez tweeted along with the clip of the group.