#3: What A SAVAGE Burn – He Had Me For A Minute

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  1. As long as Soros is going back and forth across the top of the earth, seeking souls to join him for eternity in the center of the earth, these funded thugs will stay in it, as soon as the money stops, their call that BL’s Matter will stop! Those people are only in it for the minute!

  2. Quid-Pro-Joe, is humiliating himself like Obama is in the basement playing him like a play station game! They will try anything using old Joe, then when he is just bumping into walls, they’ll end him, and Kamala gets her turn!

  3. The DNC is really nothing but a criminal organization that now has most of the power! When they are like this, they drop like cold flies, the easy Pickens makes them bold, and if possible, dumber!

  4. The third most radical organization is the biden administration. Which will be apparent shortly it is just now getting start.
    China joe and the biden criminal Mafic family…

  5. Black Lies Matter is a radical group of criminals who riot, destroy property and dreams, intimidate and physically harm, anyone not believing their anti-American rhetoric.
    When voted representatives turn their backs on citisens, disregard the rule of law and the US Constitution, and refuse to protect citizens, then its the citizens civic duty to proect themselves, country, and Constitution, against foreign or domestic entities.
    This is why barb wire is around the peoples’ house and US military is still entrenched. Citizens should not be afraid of government; government should be afraid of the citizens.
    The politicians are SCARED.

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