#3: Vaccine Bombshell STUNS Americans – This Changes Everything

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Dboy (@guest_386984)
1 month ago

A government total control and overtaking of it citizen.
Has anyone reading this ever had the experience of being around someone whom is a TOTAL control freak?
They do so much harm.
Emotionally and physically.

Being there is bad, bad. Watching the control freak control others is sickening.
This shit has got to STOP.

Nancy (@guest_386907)
1 month ago

We know exactly where it is going or should we say coming from. It will be here soon I am sure, then we can be scared to death again and stay sick for another year or two. That should make it really easy for the Dems to cheat again in the election in 2024. We will be out of work and locked down and under total control by then. Welcome to the new Communist China regime.

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