#3: United Nations Makes Horrible Decision – It’s Beyond Broken

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    Like Iran has any CLUE !!!
    Maybe they should also be over the equal rights for the LGBTQY&Z groups too !!!

    Real good stuff RIGHT ??

  2. Why not the Human Rights Commission while we are at it! Almost as bad as Biden an anti-Israeli to the Small Business Administration. Some of these clowns are trying to catch up to Maxine Waters!

    1. Is there a legal way to get rid of Biden? Gosh! He is impossible. Then Kamala is just as bad or worse so it is going to be a very long 4 years. It’s only been about 4 moths and the two of them are driving me crazy. I never listen to them on TV but I do read on internet and it is just disgusting. They are making Trump look better all the time. Trump had some personality flaws but he knew how to get things done and done for America first. I miss now “promises made ,promises kept” very much. With Biden it is promises made and promises broken bad new ideas.

  3. Too bad the terrorist that struck the Twin Towers on 91101 didn’t take out the UN first they would have done a great deed for the World. The USA should kick all those UN vipers out of this Country!

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