#3: Twitter Makes BIZARRE Statement – Big Mistake


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5 Responses

  1. If you still are on the twit and facistbook you get what you get. They only use you as a check in the bank for them. Stupid is as stupid does. Only a total loser would even need it. Never been on them and never ever will be. They propaganda your info and know more about you than you do. They know what you do, where you work and when you are not at work. All your contacts are theirs too. Easy pickings is all i can say. Call someone or text even, if you have too.. nothing like giving the criminals the keys to your castle. They are the talking thing that tells you what to do.. ask facistbook or alexa no difference. Convinent for you and them..

  2. I’ve already cancelled my Twitter account – since when does a society page have the say about what is said or by whom. Hope you end up in the rubbish heap !!!

  3. Sorry poshippie. You cant have it both ways, you deny our Presdent hisFREE SPEECH and yet you say you will restore tweets for others. So, which is it. YOU SNAKE? You delete my comment and DELETE me from your mailing list IMMEDIATELY!
    Who are you to decide who speaks and who doesn’t? ERASE ME NOW if you erase my Comment! You understand?

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