#3: Tucker Goes OFF – Republicans Licking Their Wounds

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MustangUSN04 (@guest_383782)
1 month ago

They go along to get along. They love their perks. They have forgot that they represent the people. Except for a few reps, the rest are silent. They all should be on the news programs daily taking the communist demonRats down.
I beginning to believe they are being blackmailed or the just do not care. Then resign!
The POTUS is not enforcing laws passed by congress. What are the congress doing about it??? If you don’t do anything the there is no need for congress. We will just make the potus dictator in chief !

Last edited 1 month ago by MustangUSN04
Sandra K. Salisbury (@guest_383833)
Reply to  MustangUSN04
1 month ago

If the politicians in your states are falling down on the job when it comes to supporting their constituents against the Democratic steamrollers, then you must VOTE for the CORRECT Republican politicians. It’s becoming more and more obvious that not all republicans are the same.

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