#3: Trump Punches BACK

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  1. Thank you President Trump,you kept your promises, you accomplished what you said you would do for the American people your are a true Leader,if you hadn’t been cheated out of the 2020election you. Could have done a lot more, the Democrats are so crooked,I think they were behind what went down in the Capital building Wednesday the Lord is watching them,I will be praying for you and hope too see you back in four years,thank you for what you done for our Country, the far left will not get by with what they have done, Jesus knows all

  2. I think pelosi is a very sick person, it must be very painful to carry such much HATE in side. She should go back to God and ask forgiveness that is the only place she will get it.Along with KIllery, Obama a nd the rest if the DemocRATS.

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