#3: Trump Assassination Shocker – This Is Sick

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    1. This obvious one sided discrimination is a clearly defined reason to put “Twitter in the Pschitter”!! Sick,evil,democrat/communists are given free rein for their mentally disturbed subscribers,but no tolerance for a different opinion from the “Right”!!

  1. The amount if hate that fills Kathy Griffin is second only to Satan’s hate. She promotes violence with this post, so why was her post not taken down and why was she not banned from Twitter? Absolutely shameful! She should be arrested for inciting violence!! The hypocrisy of Twitter regarding what is allowed to be posted is unconscionable!!

  2. I think ALL of the elected officials, Hollywood Elites, Tech idiots, Teachers, Professors and Professional athletes are jealous of President Trump because he IS NOT beholden to ANYONE or ANY COPORATION. The Melinials are just too I’ll formed my fake news to care to do research to find out how great he is.

  3. Hummmm, but this wasn’t shut down by Twitter? SICK!!! Jack Dorsey looks to me like a Satanist who would traffic children. I have never been an advocate of Twitter or Facebook. If I could get rid of GOOGLE I’d do it ASAP! Do you remember when witches told us they were going to cast spells to interfere withTrump’s presidency? I actually believe they have.

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