#3: Tragic News For America – Dems Should Apologize IMMEDIATELY

What a farce.

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  1. The democrats MUST BE STOPPED from opening our borders, giving all of American’s benefits to illegal hispanics, allowing illegal hispanics to send remittances to THEIR countries, end birthright citizenship, demand mandatory e-verify from ALL employers AND VOTING MUST HAVE ID TO PROVE CITIZENSHIP.

  2. Welcome to the USSA ! Next we’ll ALL – men and women alike – have to wear a burka, or some declarative NONSENSE!

  3. Democrats don’t apologise they just blame someone else. Maybe we elect a bunch of gibbons . monkeyes and put them in congress. They have more common sense and higher IQs than all the Politicians we have now. And they smell better.

  4. Democrats Apologize ?? You’re thinking of the old Democrats, todays Democrats are full-blown hard-core Communist Bolsheviks, they do Not know the meaning of Apologize, Thanks, Welcome, Please, May I, Can I help you, ETC.

  5. Mandates are not law. You can’t be arrested for breaking a mandate. Example: If you run thru a red light when driving you will get a ticket. There is a law that deems you can’t run thru a red light so you get a ticket. If there is a mandate that we must wear a mask all the time that’s not a law. It hasn’t been voted on in congress or approve in the senate and signed by the President. So for not wearing a mask you can’t get arrested. Just think if there were not laws and only mandates you could get arrested for anything at anytime and any where. Example: If you have a party at your house and the neighbors think it’s too loud and over the crowd size of ten people the police can come but not in unless they have a warrant they can’t come in on a mandate that says only a certain number of people can be in your home. Life is getting crazier every day.

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