#3: Tragic Joe Biden Announcement – So Sad

I don’t know if I would go this far, but:


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8 Responses

  1. Does anyone remember the presidential debates. The two democratic operatives (I mean moderators) refused to allow any foreign relations questions because they knew it was Bidens weak area. Instead we got Covid, covid and more covid. Blame those two idiots for the mess we are in now with China, Russia and Mexico at the border and Canada with the pipe line.

  2. Biden doesn’t have smarts or common sense. He has wrecked America, using it people he should be working for and placing them in danger for stupid ideas he hasn’t figured out yet.
    Solutions should have been found 1st, before all he started his executive orders

    1. Have you thought “his” executive orders were fed to him knowing there was NO solution much less a quick solution? He’s just a puppet!

  3. If your going to be President of the United States you must have 2 things. Very smart, and common sense.

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