#3: Top Democrat Just LOST THEM – It’s Over

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Vickie (@guest_385339)
1 month ago

Mccarthy is weak too get him out he speaks alot of trash but does nothing about anything Pelosi was supposed to be gone a long time ago.i hate it when they say oh so and so have crossed the line their done nothing but talk.alot of them in washington are going to be shocked when they are voted out of office in 2022, 2024 and they all bought their own ticket out of office now that’s funny and the best part is they don’t even know it. To busy working their evil .

Vickie (@guest_385338)
1 month ago

Get him out wow all these democrats in washington are stirring like roaches when the light flips on .the don’t know what to do next. They have had a really bad 6 months and it still headed down hill .they have done nothing but destruction, destroy everything they touch.i feel KARMA coming around the corner knocking at their doors. Harris is out of the country and will embarrass us again she has no clue what she is doing.better her be gone Than here.now find a country for the rest of the clowns and we will pick up where we left off before the Fake election. Sounds like a deal.

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