#3: Top Democrat CALLED OUT – She’s Finished

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Michael S Dowling (@guest_375724)
1 month ago

I think they want all the blacks to kill each other. Soon no more left and no white person to blame..well they will find one somewhere to take the rap. But no crime hear. the 3 monkeys running the dump.
One cant hear, one not talking last one no seeing

Gordo1 (@guest_375715)
1 month ago

Spot on LuLu , if any nut job thinks light brain has a handle on the huge murder rate then they all should be condemned. Maybe give all the indigenous idiots a gun and then the city will be vacant soon.

Lulu (@guest_375698)
1 month ago

Get rid if her she’s inept and clearly isn’t doing a good job. U can buy a gun in any street corner what’s needed in al cities is there police force back, but these asah demo rates can’t seem to see this, we have a mayor just like this in Seattle, they clearly can’t do the job
And don’t tell me u can’t print this cause u disagree with me!!! BS

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