#3: This Photo Of Bill Gates Says It All – What. The. Heck.

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      1. Watch the movie “Soylent Green” with the late great Charlton Heston. Shows the evi1 potential of p0wer and $$$$ over the pe0ple. Pretty sick, just like drinking sh#tty water.

        1. Exactly what I sad we’re getting to that movie, I remember seeing it so long ago, but it’s always stuck in my mind. Glad to see someone else remembers it.

  1. Yet you people think he is some kind of mental giant?

    He can do all the drinking from his machine he wants to. I kind of hope he paid a billion to have it built.

    I can see the ad now poop juice it delicious and good for the environment.

  2. Keep right on drinking the feces water Bill, its so good for you. You should drink a gallon or two or three everytime you are thirsty ummmm-so good for you!

  3. The man is crazy but I am sure that some day we will be able to convert anything into something we can use. But not under these idiots though.

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