#3: This Is The Way – No More Submitting To Tyranny

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8 Responses

  1. And the old clown said ‘maybe’ we can go to a small group bbq on July 4. If not, more clampdowns.
    As a free American Citizen, I did not and will not ask for permission from Fauci, the CDC or this administration.

  2. March 20, 2021 is world wide Freedom and Peace Rally demonstration/protest day. TAKE OFF YOUR MASK!
    No more lockdowns, masks, vaccines. CHECK THE INTERNATIONAL NEWS AND YOU will see how many
    countries have had enough. Do your research on the vaccines – cORONOVIRUS IS not a virus – The
    Italian Doctor who did not listen to theCDC and DID an autopsy found out it is a BACTERIA. tHE vaccines
    are giving you viruses YOU DO NOT NEED and will wear down your immune system so that when you
    do get a disease, your immune system will not be as strong as it could be. THERE ARE NANO PARTICLES
    in the vaccines that you will NEVER get rid of. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Lorraine Day,
    Dr. Judy Mikovitz, World Alliance of Doctors, Doctors for Truth, and on and on. Stopworldcontrol.com,

  3. In India there was herd immunity and with a population of nearly 1.4 billion people they have launched the vaccine …. yes, a lot of people died but people have lived responsibly and getting vaccinated by making appt. with a government app on their cell phones …. everything automated …. even the second appt. for vaccine with the certificate uploaded by the government straight to your cell….. they started this service as of March 1, 2021….. there has not been any controversy over this entire operation…. the population cooperated as they are living responsibly …. we Americans are too living responsibly…. but u wouldn’t think so with the circus going on with Fauci. Biden and the fake media The entire world is getting the vaccine, but why is it such a big deal and such a fake news opportunity and a political issue to make headlines in our country…. President Trump made this possible and the Dems are taking the credit, yet can’t get their act together to shut up and get people immunised ….. no they have to use the CHINA VIRUS to keep people under lock and key and their thumb….. they are COMMIES….,.

  4. It was a means for the Democrats to shut down our country. They are not done yet. They are corrupt and evil. Traders.

  5. I felt so free and protected under the trump administration. Not so much now. The Obama (NOT Biden) administration is much happier keeping you under their thumb. . . so much easier to control and get what they want that way.

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