#3: This Is A Crisis – First Hand Witness Tells All

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5 Responses

  1. As much as I hate to say it Biden said he would open the border, he has no idea what he is doing his only goal was to be president he does not care about anything else I have always had respect for the office of the president, but not always for the man who is sitting behind the desk

  2. All the Democrats are doing is destroying this country as fast as they can and they don’t care how they do it. They want that one world order as quickly as possible. No matter what the cost.

  3. Thank you, you morons, for voting for this POS bozo joe! Actually, it’s a 3rd term for the black bozo!!! He gets to destroy America!!!!!

  4. Democrats want to destroy the good economy and blame Trump…meanwhile hurting Americans. They don’t care….get it. They have their millions and won’t suffer one bit. Stop this insanity…

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