#3: They’re Working With The CCP – Chinese Communist Party

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  1. I believe it’s because they are making money from the connections. Remember the connection of Hunter and Joe Biden? There are more who are involved in both parties. What a shame. Selling out America for their gain. Disgraceful!

    1. I believe Romney and his son are in with Biden and his son on the sell out of America. I hope something happens and they never get to enjoy their sinful wealth. Same with the politicians who acquire large profits from mega rich Planed Parenthood for their contribution to the legal death of babies. I hope that black money causes the downfall.of every politician who accepted a payout to kill babies.

  2. I speak with people from Shanghai and Hong Hong every morning, they are friends. I’ve also been to China several times and I’m here to tell you, the people don’t like the c.c.p.! The funny thing is, 2 years ago (the last time I’ve been to China) the people love President Trump!!

    1. There are people from many countries that love President Trump and like the 750 + millions of Americans that voted for him in 2020, they know the POS in our White House is NOT the true winner of the 2020 election.

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