#3: They Just SUED Biden – Good News

Republicans need to tie Biden up in court, much like Trump was.

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6 Responses

  1. The problem is the illegal immigrants are here and thousands are coming. The Democrats are doing nothing about this crisis. They want the votes so more merrier is their attitude . They put these people in containment camps or just dump them on churches or just let them go any where in this country. How is anyone going to find a solution for this crisis??

  2. Our new people that were elected are not worth a penny. Biden has dementia, Obama is running his third term, a shame people make fun, they don’t understand what it is, robb’s you of everything, eventually you don’t know anyone. They probably decided to do this from the start, when Obama was interviewed he said this is what he always wanted, to be behind the scenes and run the country.

  3. Well it is a start, Biden does not care about the illegals, the democrats just want to get them in the country then let them vote so that they can stay in power, I hope this lawsuits are winners

  4. I’d like to know your justification for the use of ” Black and brown” in regards to race depiction. Are you being racist to not capitalize the word brown ? Hmm ! BE CONSISTENT. It is white, black, and brown skin colors – NOT Black, brown and white !

  5. The fact that Biden has opened widest all the border crossings, is criminal. It was his first instinct to mindlessly rip out every move Trump made, regardless if successful or not. I’m as sorry as the next person that these immigrants suffer in their own countries but you can’t promise them, coming illegaly with all their criminal factions, everything Americans work hard for. Now Biden doesn’t know how to handle what he started so his answer is to send 700 immigrant families A DAY into the streets of America. God help us in this nation already dissolving into more & more violence with less & less police presence.

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