#3: Top Republican Sounds Alarm On Top Biden Nominee – She Is Dangerous

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6 Responses

  1. If Biden was any kind of a good leader, He would put a stop to all the riots where you have violence , fires,looting ,
    Like Ron De Sentis did in Florida This has to stop , its killing America.
    Any one caught destroying property of any kind WILL GO TO JAIL and A FINE?
    We must take our streets and cities back period.
    Biden is the worse President I have ever seen. I don’t think he wants unity.
    If he can’t fix the problem. He must be removed from office ASAP

  2. Careful how we get rid of Biden and Harris. Don’t want to leave Pelosi in charge!
    Call for special election, backed by military. What the h3!! was Pelosi doing talking to Gen Milli?!
    Why did he even talk to her?

      1. I agree but when is it going to happen we need martial law to stop these people and put trump right back in

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