#3: Stunning Video – This Is Liberal America [WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT]

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  1. And these Ni…r’s are allowed to live, why? Just another reason for a carry permit. Let these Ni…r’s attack my car while I’m in it & it will be a toss up of a head shot or using the N….r as a speed bump. It’s so true that you can’t fix a N…..’s being stupid other than burying them face down, so they see where their going.

  2. Yes, the crime rates committed by black Americans is much higher than other groups. I just want to point out that these criminals are a very small percent and do NOT represent all black Americans at all! Nearly all of them, just like whites, are very opposed to crime and want safe neighborhoods for themselves and their children. Enough of racial hatred from both sides of the conflict, please.

  3. No respect for human life. Satan is lose and among everyone. People aren’t safe anywhere. Welcome to King Biden’s world. It was bad before with 275 riots in 2020. But now with Democrats in power and letting all these illegals into our country even getting the Covid vaccine before Americans way to go. It won’t be long before we have a tyrannical government and we’re not too far away.

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