#3: SMASH Woke Capitalism – Corporations Can’t Take Our Freedom

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  1. These company ceo’s must have drank the cool aid and a lot of it biden is raising their taxes to 32% and they are standing behind him. America will not take this they will stop buying your products your stock will fall. What is wrong with you people. Just because you have money sure doesn’t make you smart or right.

    1. The mega-monopo-C0RP0’$ are all about getting $$$$ thru S L @ V E L @ B 0 R from the C.-C.-P. c h i n k s, so they don’t care about T @ X E S. [email protected]@d Joey is in ka-hoots to k n o c k – o f f the [email protected] bus-in-ess-es. ‘D e m o’ g o g u e s have the [email protected] b r a i n- d e @ d- s i c k – n e s s as J-O & the H-O. $$$$$$$$$$$$ that’s all they [email protected] see. L0W I. Q. & E. Q. DE-V0lD of l o y @ l t y 2 the “[email protected] Experiment” that g a v e them the F R E E D 0 M to climb the ladder. S T A B @NY-0NE in the [email protected] 2 get their s e l – f i s h way – the P E R V s!! Through-out the @ges it’s always the m i d d l e – c l @ s s who [email protected] the M 0 R @ L [email protected] The R I C H don’t [email protected] and the P 0 0 R are f e r @ l survivors. If the S I L E N T M A J 0 R l T Y doesn’t get off their A$$, pretty soon, all we’ll have is the HlGH & L0W w/ N0 M 0 R @ L m i d d I e at aII.

  2. These CEO’s see a lack of leadership in the governing of our country and think they can do better. Perhaps they could, but who elected them? They should mind their own business. The people need to correct the problem. “Ballot box” is the correct way to fix it. Recalls should be generated from each state to rid congress of the vermin now infesting the halls of the capitol.

  3. It is obvious that most politicians either slept through Econ 101 or never took it as they do not understand basic supply and demand curves. If the price goes up, demand falls. Increasing the corporate income tax will result in US export prices to increase accordingly making them less competitive. Why do democraps dislike businesses? Disgusting!

  4. This country was founded on the individual’s rights not what some yoyo sitting behind a desk in a big corporate office says they seem to forget that it is because of the buying power of the American public they get to sit in those fancy offices

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