#3: Shocking WALL News – Democrats Want To Build It

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23 Responses

  1. The Democrats want a WALL……Because of All Their Stupid Decision Making, which makes people Mad.!!
    With them planning a lot of crazy things that are going to just hurt America…..They are Afraid that there
    might be another storming of the Capitol …… WELL, IF, the dumb Democrats would have some Common
    Sense and act like normal Law Making and Abiding Citizens of this Country and Not Think they are Above
    the Law, which they do……. Then there won’t be any reason for Even Thinking about a WALL. The American
    People are the Ones, who are going to need a Wall from the Democrats..!!!!!

  2. Why is it these idiots in Washington need protection, but the taxpayer doesn’t? Talk about hypocrisy & double standards! No wall for them, our tax dollars pay for that building & these corrupt politicians inside, we have a right to access it, if needed!

  3. Let them build their wall. Once they are inside, it would be easy to seal the entrances and exits, and starve the vermin out. Similar to England’s tower of London.

  4. Anything these DumbocRATic LIBTARDS want should never be done in fact we should do the exact opposite!!!

    You can be 100% sure that anything they want is bad for this country

  5. they know impeachment will fail and Pelosi will call in more troops to stop the revolt they fear I believe. she is at a disadvantage though because several states have called their troops home and the judges ruled against the guards having bullets unless someone sneaks a bunch in.
    just my guess.

  6. Unbelievable! Stop work on the wall at our southern border so now all manner of drugs, illegals, human traffickers pour in. They know America will be most unsafe, so they build a big high wall to protect them. Do the Bidens not know that the house and compound they live in belongs to the American citizens. We need to evict them now!!!

  7. All the Democrats need to do is put America First and they probably won’t need the wall. I know that will never happen. All they are worried about is building up their personal bank accounts and cleaning ours out.

  8. It just proves to you that the democrats do not care about the American people they just care about themselves. They want protections at the taxpayer’s cost But yet they will not support the wall to keep the illegals out

  9. The Democrat Party in Congress and Senate are saying that the people in the United States don’t need protection , we don’t need a border to protect us from the people coming over to take our lives our jobs , what the government is saying screw you ,you deserve nothing , but they want to take our tax money to pay for their BULL -S.

  10. Isn’t odd that we have enough tax dollars to give welfare, food stamps, public housing, medical and education to illegal immigrants, send billions of dollars to protect foreign nations, along with the lives of American personnel but can’t afford to build the wall to protect the American taxpaying citizens who they take the money from in tax dollars.
    So, who do they really represent?

  11. A very bad and stupid idea, build a wall around the capital, but leave the border open, talk about being two faced bunch of jerks for sure

  12. If they were honest people, they would not need a wall. But on the other hand they can’t stay in there forever. People out there are probably making plans. There are a lot of unhappy people out there. Myself I opt. for voting them out and rebuilding.

  13. IF that is the case the Government cannot be by the people for the people and legit at that. What have they to fear if they are honest and above board?

  14. Evander Hollyfield, he has a rather large and ornate wall around his “Compound” (I have seen it) and M. Jackson, he did, and MANY HOLLY Rotten’ actors and BHO he has a real large and think wall, so what about that! That’s called “HYPOCRISY!”

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