#3: Sentence Stuns Republicans – Time For Trump To Speak Out

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Kelli (@guest_382559)
8 days ago

Guest : This is another being punished for his patriotism.

Paul Flint (@guest_382434)
9 days ago

Fuck that 18 mo’s we need to do it again this not so peaceful pedo joe can’t nuke the Whitehouse drag their assess out an have trail in the street

cozycalico (@guest_382570)
Reply to  Paul Flint
8 days ago

Good idea but will never happen because Biden is a Dem Dems can get away with anything if you haven’t noticed.
There is nothing Trump can do about this as an ex president but if he were president he surely would.

Last edited 8 days ago by cozycalico
Sharon (@guest_382425)
9 days ago

Republican better speek up BLM walks capital police escorted in BLM time to stand up Washington DC and arrest the real crimnels sitting next to u and free the inocent .judge needs to be removed from chair constitution says judges will be removed for bad behaver they let BLM walk of this and riot in streets of Washington .tick tock

Kelli (@guest_382564)
Reply to  Sharon
8 days ago

It does say, in the Constitution that judges, even the Supreme Court are to hold their seats, according to their honorable behavior. Nothing in the Constitution says anything about a lifetime term. If their behavior is anything less than honorable, they may be removed by We The People. It is time we gave that some thought. Also, we need to do something about term limits for Congress.

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