#3: Senate GOP Makes Impeachment Decision

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15 Responses

  1. I am so ashamed of the Senate. They are so focused on impeachment that they have forgotten what they are supposed to be doing. Get over Trump–He was a great President and he accomplished more in 4 years than some of the nin com poops have done in their careers. It is just shameful that while our country is falling apart all they can spend time and money on is a sham impeachment. Do your jobs or get the thunder out of the senate. You are a shameful example to our country

  2. They spend our money and bicker about a stimulus for the people. They all, dems and repubs alike need to go. I’m for all new blood in our govt.

  3. Seventy five million Americans should refuse to pay any taxes to these idiot’s. They are only going to give it to other countries to appease them, to illegal immigrants, to planned parenthood, and on and on. How much has been wasted? How much is used for the good of the citizens? They have all been bought by giant corporations and foreign countries who are anti American. They are getting rich and taking away what is ours.

  4. Obama has no business on the Supreme Court, he did enough damage as president. This sham impeachment is just a waste of time and money, when is Congress going to get back do doing their job and stop wasting time. Another thing is that by doing this impeachment they have opened a box that some people may not want, going after past presidents and other federal employees that are no longer in government (I think you may have a good idea about who these people are)

  5. Yes I agree why can, could be in this Supreme Court, he was a Crooked President for -8- yrs and how, and why did he do to be in Supreme Court, he’s has NOT the Education to do this. Just because he was a President, DOES MEAN he has the documents to be a Supreme Court, PERIOD! Thank you Jo NOT YOUR Business

  6. We need them to turn all the damage around that biden just inflicted on our country!! This isn’t working and we are in DANGER

  7. The House of our Congress has already WASTED too much taxpayer TIME AND MONEY on faux impeachments, when they SHOULD BE working for the VOTERS WHO HIRED THEM. Now WE should ALL BE WORKING to GET RID OF the useless DEADWOOD that is sucking up our time and money, to make themselves more prosperous and powerful. The NEXT MIDTERM ELECTIONS are NOT that far away.

    1. If they can recall Newsome in Ca. they can recall those useless reps and senators from other states. But the people of each state have to do it. We can’t do it for them.

  8. What possible rationale would there be to appoint Obama to the Supreme Court when he has never been a judge of any sort??

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