#3: Ron DeSantis Is Still CRUSHING It – Look At These Numbers

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10 Responses

  1. Striking down the mask mandates is the first and most important step. Yes, we should continue to practice cleanliness and common sense precautions, but the masks were and are a symbol of subjugation of the people. Mandates are not laws, they are opinions of one group for the entire population, As a group we need to say “We got this.” and go on with our lives.

  2. Placing children back in schools when he did will be a decision that will be very beneficial to him for now and in the future. The children especially will benefit and the teachers unions will be the losers for the damage they have done to our children.

    1. I feel that our teachers and children both benefit by what DeSantis has done. We are one of a few States that didn’t take draconian measures and we are doing well economically and with our schools. I would like to better understand why the comment that teachers will loss.

    1. Robert Bates actually they are. People can’t expect every state to be the same at the same time. Those states that have been hit the hardest are going to take longer. You also have to consider that it didn’t show up in all states at the same time. Not everything was regulated by government but by their local city Health services. Not every city did the same time either

        1. Anonymous has the true facts. Mspidge apparently has not done much travel if she thinks Anonymous is mistaken.There are many factors involved in the differences from state to state.

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