#3: RINOS Get Chilling Warning

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  1. The RINOS had better believe they are doomed if they fail President Trump in this fight. The voters are tirede of the games they have played!

  2. I am totally disgusted with the Republicans who do not support our President. If it was ma Democrat, they all would stick together and support that person!

  3. President Trump has done more for the United States and the American People in just four years then President (?) Obama or any President since President Ronald Ragan or any other President has done during their terms. If the American people do not get behind President Trump then they do not deserve to call themselves an American. Those people who call themselves Democrat just because their parents did are stupid. They need to stop and look at the United States today. Even with the China virus clouding us and the Democrats trying to get rid of President Trump he has still done more for this country than any other President.

  4. These are the stupids in the Republican Party………….they do not realize they are the Marxists “Brown Shirts that Hitler had” who were all killled after he won his election and started all his murders on Jews, but the Brown Shirts were the first to go…………
    These Dem Marxists we see in our country now, will not keep them around…………they are doomed, just like all the white people who are running with the BLM people………..they will no longer be needed by the BLM people…………..

  5. Mitch McConnell failed just as Paul Ryan did! GOP Republicans did not back the people and who the people chose to back was Trump so now GOP will lose the TRUMP SUPPORTERS! Including our money. This will be their last term in office, we the voters will not forget who lied, cheated, stole at our expense, including those in the Republican party!

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