#3: Resignation Creates Huge Crisis – Democrats Scrambling

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  1. We are beginning to see the fallout from the defund police movement and it is not looking pretty for the average American, but the crooks, rioters and the left are happy about it

  2. Of course the crooks are happy about it. The police no longer are permitted to be police. This is a disaster of great proportions. It is so unfair to our law enforcement people who put themselves out there for the safety of all of us. Like any organization there are a few worms but that does not mean the whole police department is to be shamed and dishonored.

    WE need police for law and order. Do away with police and we will have no law and order and many more crimes.

  3. If they continue on this path then it will be the citizens of this country that will need to stand up and defend their own communities and believe me that will happen but if they believe for a minute that the police are the bad guys they have another think coming. We will not hesitate to defend our businesses , homes and families. So if that is what they want then come on down because people are sick and tired of all this crap an patience is dwindling fast. The only reason it is still not at that point is because our law enforcement agencies have been having to take the heat. But it is getting short of time for that to continue.

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