#3: Remember when Democrats attacked? Total media blackout.

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  1. Because of Obidens faux “policy of transparency” it’s getting harder for the media to place the Dems in a positive light. At the media’s insistence of airing this Congressional farce, shows how petty, and childish the Dems are.
    Even the lamestream media is getting tired of the joke they call White House press briefings. So far, Congressional Democrats and the White House, by their own petty actions have turned Washington into a total “clusterf**k”.
    No wonder Pelosi wants the National Guard to stay in Washington. They know they screwed up and are scared

    1. the trash even blocks our comments on poles site not available or bad request/ they needs to disappear like hackers or scammers maybe they are all three/ just like rioters and democrats

  2. To the media I just want to say you can blackout what you chose but we must tell you one day you will pay for your sins for lying

  3. Sleepy Joe has very white teeth for 78 yr s of age think he should spend the money and have his memory fixed,good luck fella!

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