#3: Numbers Are In – Trump Is Smiling

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  1. “Good noW!”®,B”H. be of good courage, stand firm as one under G-d!, as Moses and Joshua did and do, for G-d’s people and His Creation, so that that all see the light of day B”H.

  2. We must win this battle. Trump won the election and it was stolen from him. We can’t let the Democrats get away with this, if they do will never have another fair election. The people deserve to be able to elect a president without their choice being stolen from them. TRUMP 2020

  3. I Pray at least twice daily for God to give President Trump 4 more ye years and we can find some as close to him as possible for the next 8 years.

  4. I’m irritated and confused, they wanted to impeach President Trump over false claims, but its okay for Biden and his family who are committing treason by colluding with the chines communist in stead of working for American and her People. He and his running mate Harris and anti-American, Anti-God anti-Christian, anti-freedom.
    As for the election process, the voting machines made by Dominion have been shown to be rigged and changeable. Signatures should be verifiable, mail in ballots are only for those who physically can’t get to voting places and they should be verified. This a Law abiding Nation, not a nation that makes laws to fit the need of the few. The majority of American’s want their inalienable rights secured, the right chose, the right to regulate the government–this is after all a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Our rights to religion, defend our homes, pursue happiness, and the rights of property are not granted by the government. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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