#3: MLB BUSTED – They Brought This On Themselves




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13 Responses

  1. This is really hen house, I won’t watch on Tv or go to another game and we have tickets given toys all the time, KNOW MORE!!!

  2. Love my Braves but am done with all sports!!! Ever since they became involved in politics …I am done!!! Might watch U of M’s hurricanes but that’s all!!!

  3. To hail with sports period…. a bunch of over paid loud mouths playing with their balls…. every since the kneel strarted i left sports… just because you can catch or throw a ball does not count for much in real life

    1. Biden is a failure in leadershipa!! He is discusting saying people say he is a nice man. Grow up Biden and face reality.. you are no good.

  4. Used to attend Padres games regularly but have vowed never to see another MLB game either in person or on TV. If the players and organization can grow up and stop trying to cave in to the woke mob, I may reconsider. Doubt it.

    1. this seems to be a growing consensus !!I hope others will call MLB and tell them of their decision and why-as my husband did.

  5. Gee I am shocked that MLB has shot themselves in the foot, well to tell the truth I don’t care

    1. You feel exactly as my husband does. He called MLB and told them to cancel his membership, how he felt and why.

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