#3: Mike Pence Decision Announcement

I agree, but with the caveat, let’s wait and see what he does next. 

Any complicity in insane Democrat revenge schemes to remove President Trump will discredit Pence.

On the other hand, if he shows wisdom on a day when his own side was lost in emotion, and courage on a day the other side is crying for blood, he will have proved himself worthy of the 2024 presidential nomination.

8 Responses

  1. If Pence participates in the Democrat demands to take the president out before January 20th he can definitely count out ever running for president.

  2. While I believe Mr. Pence is a sincere American, tried his best to serve as VP under Trump, he is clearly NOT the one who can carry forward the leadership of the Republican Party. He may well be more circumspect, but he has NOT got the balls for it. Ted Cruz, on the other hand….

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