#3: MAGA Is RISING – Here’s The Deal

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18 Responses

  1. You know what to do if any of these Senators are your senator protest one week before the election (remember our 1st amendment!!!) and half day on Monday the day before the vote. I did this and got a family court judge voted out of office who had been there over 20 years. She was unfair to men in her court room so she had to go in 2014 and I sent her packing. You vote at the ballot box and HOPE your vote will be counted.

  2. And now the flood gates have been opened, the democrats have started something that they will wish they had never begun and the GOP members who voted with them are in trouble, maybe they are hoping the voters will forget what they did

  3. I Really like this site!!! Please continue and Best of Luck!!!! You are my #1 Information source now, and I like the process of delivering the news!!! God Bless America, Our Constitutional Freedoms & All True Patriots!!!

  4. The two enemies of the people are criminals and Demo, I mean the government.
    So let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second won’t become the legalized version of the first.

  5. Damn skippy Don Jr now let’s finish this and get rid of all the corruption Dems and Rinos. Bunch of sewer rats!!!!!

  6. Don Jr is right as rain! MAGA will continue to be strong and we will fight for whour country and legally elected President Donald J Trump. Looks like it will be up to we the people to right these country destroying wrongs..only a small number of republicians seem willing to do their job..or they are scared to..

  7. Can someone tell me why we the people tolerate this garbage. Biden,Harris,Schumer,Nader,and Pelosi are all a part of the deep swamp and they continue to do as they want. They have wasted so much taxpayer money, it’s sickening.. we should be able to charge them for everything they have done and continue to do. I’m so sick and tired of them getting away with everything. People need to wake up. I want President Trump backin office. The best President of my lifetime.

  8. I think it is time they stop wasting our money! In fact Nancy Pelosi, Harris, Biden, and the squad plus a few others need to be impeached. For what they are doing to this country, Biden is all China, Harris is all riots and destroying cities, Pelosi is brain washed by her Muslin friends. I bet Pelosis’ brothers are turning over in their graves for what she is doing. The squad is up to no good, plus the others.

  9. Let’s keep the pressure on the Dems.
    Because of the lunacy of the 2nd impeachment being a total failure, the Dems are so driven in hurting President Trump, they’re literally becoming unglued.
    The Dems tried to bluff their way into calling witnesses, but the Republicans called their bluff. They knew if they called witnesses, Trumps lawyers were in essence getting carte blanche to call Senators and Representatives that spewed hate. Schumer, Pelosi, Waters and even the impeachment managers rhetoric outside of Congressional Chambers. Making themselves liable.

    1. “Good noW!”®,B”H. They kicked themselves in the head when they were on the ground or rioting as BLM, ANTIFA, BDS JStreet, ISIS & Islam, CCP Biden is still on the ground – they’re beating themselves even now thinking they beating the hell out of us!, WUHAN _COVID-19 the CCPvirus is the start of something more than simply pandora’s box, it’s the beginning of the MAGA-Israel Prophetic Messianic revolution where survivors will believe in G-d alone, B”H, and animals will walk the streets, nature, flora & Fauna will have a chance to recover as occurred worldwide except in WUHAN, during the pandemic and the world will become G-d’s Garden of Eden again, B”H. Hopefully ISIS will be no more and gnus a thing of the past, B”H. and shells real shells on the sea shore!, B”H, Welcome the Torah Laws, the Ten Commandments for Jews & the Seven Noahide Laws for all Mankind.

  10. The “DirtocRATS” couldn’t POSSIBLY have given greater momentum to the MAGA JUGGERNAUT than by their deranged SECOND impeachment attempt! They displayed how INCOMPETENT they are compared to Pres. Trump, who was fraudulently voted out of a second term! BOZOS! HILARIOUS! With Brainless Biden and Crooked Kaaamala the leading poster children!!! And I DO mean “children”!!!

  11. Now we the people need to give each of these democrat leaders a bill for all this waste of taxpaper money. All this for a lost cause from the start. Maybe not wanting to waste money if came from their pockets. No problem when it is our money doing the wasting away. King biden and the gang need a newer job. This one is too much for this old timer..

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