#3: Liz Cheney Is Taking Down The Entire GOP – Good Riddance

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11 Responses

  1. I agree with the above comments. We conservatives must stand together against the Rhinos who say one thing to get elected and do another once in office. Money talks and B***t walks. No more from me until all Rhinos are gone. Make sure when you vote that the person shares your values.

  2. At this point I will only support individual candidates directlyi will not send any money to the RNC to have it support any RINO.

  3. We have already contacted our local GOP office and told them that we will NOT donate any money to ANY Republican candidates or to the RNC until RINO , butte plug using , inbred , street walking wench , Liz Cheney is forced to step down from her chair position !!! If you want her out , money talks , contact your local GOP office and tell them ,, no money until she’s gone !!

  4. Just tell kizzy lizzie to GO AWAY, she is NO LONGER welcome, or wanted in the GOP organization, NOR IN OUR CONGRESS!

  5. As more of them crawl out form under their rocks this whole mess is a making us the laughing stock of the world

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