#3: Joe Biden STUMBLES – This Doesn’t Look Good

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  1. Well I guess one of the requirements for this president is not to know anything about the US boy what a joke this guy is, very sad joke

      1. Absolutely! And he is being allowed to get away with it to a point that our country is headed for grave danger.

    1. He is, and has been a poor excuse for a human being. Don’t blame me I voted for Trump! (at least I thought I did.) who knows after all the election fraud.

  2. Roberts Bates biden is a big joke he has no idea what he is doing i hope the democrat’s learn something from all of this but maybe not

    1. Democrats don’t learn. They are incapable, except for voter fraud. They seem to have perfected that.

  3. Well he is right. Barack Obama is running the show. Just look at everything that has gone on since before the elections. That is why the cheated on behalf of Obama he could not run a third term and it pissed him off. They all need to be charged with Treason and be Executed. I’m really tired of what they are doing to the greatest country in the world.

    1. Impeachment does nothing. Hang them side by side or better yet just shoot them in their heads !

  4. Well ignorant Puppet Joe Obama – Florida is only 100 miles long. Please be in front of the train when it starts out!

  5. Joe Biden is going to destroy AMERICA PERIOD unless we impeach him and his OBAMA administration NOW NOT LATTER! If we don’t YOU CAN SAY GOOD BY TO AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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