#3: Joe Biden Gets ROCKED – He’s Finished

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Leonard Pribish (@guest_394491)
17 days ago

Larry Elder has to win Ca. so all the AH RINOS have to drop out if he wins and Senator Finestine is unfit he puts a GOP one in to replace her Mitch is in charge again then you impeach all three the VP Biden and Nancy McCarty is the boss and puts Trump back in that simple.

KATHY SUE SHATZER (@guest_394355)
17 days ago

You have nothing you r spam artist!

Arthur J Jurczak (@guest_394343)
18 days ago

Trump beat him the first time.

cozycalico (@guest_394210)
18 days ago

We need to impeach Biden and Kamala and Piglosy and have a new special election to save our country.

Hank (@guest_394174)
18 days ago

Sorry. A Republican will never ever be elected to be president again. We are officially a communist country and the Marxists not Democrats will allow that to happen. Remember Biden said that he had the best voter fraud team that exists. In 7 short months we have become a joke and a nation that has terrorists as allies and turns its back on our true friends. Oh I forgot that Joe handed out sandwiches today to some workers in Delaware. I guess that means he’s so wonderful and he cares about us.

Nancy (@guest_394975)
Reply to  Hank
16 days ago

He gives a Sh** about those people and most of us that are not brain dead as he know that

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