#3: Joe Biden Embarrasses Democrats – He Is Losing It

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3 Responses

  1. If this was trump, man, the world would be stopping now.. the media lets this dic skate on alot of mess. Not helping just make it worse. Cnn the aviators dont work he still looks like an old fart. Loser……

    1. I do not watch the media anymore as I can’t stomach what they are doing. I just read on internet instead.

      WE have two incompetent people in our White House and so how can we expect anything good to come from it? We can’t unfortunately, unless and until we are successful in kicking the two of them out. Other countries are laughing at us for our stupidity. However, we didn’t really put them in there it was pure fraud that Biden told us he and Dems had set up before the election and was allowed to get away with it. We have to find a way to expose and correct the fraud.

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