#3: Gun BAN Bombshell – Media Is Scrambling

Gun bans don’t work.

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12 Responses

  1. I have tried to figure out why Biden is destroying our country. Is it because the USA began an investigation of his son. It is pretty obvious who the Justice Dept. was favoring. because they had a crucial piece of evidence that could have probably saved President Trump from impeachment in the Spring of 2020,or so I have been told.

    It appears to me when one turns against their country enough to allow the destruction of the economy for thousands of people, has turned against so many of our school age children by not suggesting the school teachers go back to school. Biden said many times he would do what the scientists suggest to protect the citizens from covid 19. Many said the children should be back in school! Biden does not seem to care that it destroyed some children with the isolation! A real President cares about all the citizens all the time not just members of his party! It is a shame what he is doing. He is being punished by the way his health is obviously going down hill fast!

  2. Now that was not an offensive comment , but you failed to post my comment again. why are you doing this ?

  3. Well what they can actually count on is that they WILL NOT GET Americans guns. We have a second amendment and they are not going to get our weapons PERIODS. They can try but it will not work now or ever.

  4. ?Funny that the democrats did not say anything this past summer about all the riots that were going on I guess that since they were mostly in democratic controlled cities it doesn’t count besides gun control has been tried before and it didn’t work what makes the democrats think it will work this time

  5. Big government has no interest in criminals or crime. The only reason they oppose firearms in the hands of citizens is because it makes
    it difficult for them to control the citizens. When they attempt to register guns you can bet your bottom dollar that they have confiscation in mind
    and when they confiscate firearms you can count on concentration camps and genocide not being far behind!

    1. You are so right and those who look to confiscate guns from abiding citizens know this. Its about government control and leaving citizens to vulnerability to tyrannical govetnment.

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