#3: First Pelosi, Now THIS – Time To Fight BACK

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  1. Why do we let politicians break the law and do nothing? Obama sent tons of money to Iran to support terrorists. Who by the way are a threatening force now. Biden dirty dealings with China. Our legal people like Att. General Barr has now turn his back on us. He has turned a blind eye to Bidens Family corruption dealings. The virus is nothing compared to our government. They think they can control us so they tell us how to live, what we can and can not do. At least with the virus we can protect ourselves if we want to!! But the government we have no control!!

  2. I thank and hope when Trump gets this election fixed . Trump will be cleaning house and get rid of the ones who have been sabbing him in the back .

    1. He may not get rid of them, but I’m sure he’ll not let them in the loop much!!!!!!!!!!!! and they’ll give him what ever he wants to get back into his graces!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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