#3: Election Fraud BOMBSHELL – The Audit Found…

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Ruth (@guest_379099)
29 days ago

Can’t someone sue Maricopa County Supervisors and Recorder for failure to produce evidence? Is it called Discovery?
We need Trump to get in there soonest. I heard there have been hundreds of arrests lately of Deep State people.

Anonymous (@guest_378720)
30 days ago

all the fraud and deceit from the dems, we need President back in office ASAP.

graceythecat (@guest_378585)
30 days ago

Should have listened to dementia jo when he told the country that the communist democrats were going to use the most sophisticated means to cheat in the election!

Manuel (@guest_378432)
30 days ago

Please get to the truth before our country goes under..

william s baldwin (@guest_378445)
Reply to  Manuel
30 days ago

hack it

GINETTE COHEN (@guest_378373)
30 days ago

The audits proving huge voters’ frauds must not be ignored. Trump must be reinstated as the winner of the elections. Justice should be done. It is not a political act. It is protecting the rights to the electors to choose their own president. Their votes were stolen. Their freedom and liberty were obliterated. It is time to Act by protecting the integrity of the elections. Only American citizens have the right and the obligation to vote for their president. A PHOTO ID is the only one able to fulfill this right. The Supreme Court should defend the rights of her citizens.

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