#3: Double Standard ENRAGES Americans – This Is So Wrong

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13 Responses

  1. Biden rigged an election and became president. Anyone who contested it was thrown to the wolves. With Biden as her role model why wouldn’t she think she could rig the homecoming queen and get away with it; piece a cake. Use the Biden-defense honey.

  2. She is beautiful besides that crap has always been rigged. But to charge her with anything is crazy.thats the lefts way of thinking.and because she is white,beautiful.the crown looks beautiful on her.

    1. Absolutely right. We need to stop looking at race. All are equal period. All should be treated equal! Period.

  3. Those girls that killed the Uber driver should pay for their crime. If they aren’t punished they might better look behind them forever, may not be off the hook.

  4. This is not right! Those two girls MURDERED a man. If I was his family, I would sue the girls, the attorney and the girls family. This is shameful. What a world we live in, its crazy!

  5. This is a great way to coddle the common criminal… no wonder it is a dump to live in.. perfect example. they must be democraps too… only they never get charged for what they do.

    1. we have to remember those girls are black our judges are afraid to charge them with murder and if the driver is white it is ok by the court to let those girls go.

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